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Diver operated microsensor setup (DOMS)

Miriam Weber and co-workers [1] developed a microsensor system that can be operated under water while diving - the so called Diver-Operated Microsensor System, or DOMS (Weber et al. 2007).

The DOMS is portable, and very easy to assemble and operate. It is also versatile, and can be used for both interactive or fully automated in-situ microsensor measurements.

Since the first prototype, the DOMS has been enhanced to allow underwater measurements of light spectra using a fiber-optic microprobe and to view results on a computer screen while measuring.


  1. Weber, M., P. Faerber, V. Meyer, C. Lott, G. Eickert, K. Fabricius, and D. de Beer (2007). In Situ Applications of a New Diver-Operated Motorized Microsensor Profiler. Environmental Science and Technology 41:6210-6215. download
  2. DOMS manual - version 09-09 - written and maintained by M. Weber

More information available from Miriam Weber (m . w e b e r h y d r a - i n s t i t u t e . c o m) and Lubos Polerecky (contact)

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