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HS-scanner is a program for scanning hyper-spectral images with the MOSI system. Basically, it controls the programs for the hyper-spectral image acquisition and for the motor movement to carry out the scan in a synchronous manner.

What you need

  1. A hyper-spectral camera and the accompanied software (old: Fireviewer, new: SpectrononPro), both made by Resonon.
  2. A motorized stage that can be controlled by LINPOS-server.

How to make a hyper-spectral scan

  1. Run Resonon's Fireviewer/SpectrononPro and adjust its parameters so that the spectral images are satisfactory (sufficient intensity, well focused, etc.); Visit to learn how to do it.
  2. If you are using Fireviewer, select in the main menu the port of the Fireviewer server and start it. If you are using SpectrononPro, run the program with the parameter -s ”-P5555”. You can do it (i) by starting it from a command line using the command spectrononPro.exe -s ”-P5555”, or (ii) by adding -s ”-P5555” to the target field in the properties of the short-cut to the program. (Note that 5555 is the suggested port number at which the server will listen.)
  3. Run LINPOS-server and establish communication with the motorised stage. (Note that this server will be started automatically after the start of the application.)
  4. Run HSScanner and click on the Preferences icon (or press Ctrl+P). There, connect to the Fireviewer/SpectrononPro and LINPOS servers.
  5. Specify velocities of the motorized stage during the scan and during the movement to the initial position after the scan;
  6. If using SpectrononPro, you can also specify the number of frames that will be averaged for each single frame stored (see SpectrononPro documentation for details).
  7. Close the Preferences window.
  8. Choose a hyper-cube file name (BIP format) using the open button (or Ctrl+O);
  9. Specify scanning range, number of scans and pause between subsequent scans (if more than one are required) and click on the Scan button (or Ctrl+S).
  10. Wait until the scanning is finished. Observe the progress of the scan in the status bar or in the Fireviewer/SpectrononPro hyper-cube display window. You can force stopping the scan by clicking on the Stop button (or by pressing Ctrl+C).

How to make a hyper-spectral scan remotely via TCP/IP

  1. Setup the Fireviewer/SpectrononPro, LINPOS-server and HSScanner programs as described above.
  2. Additionally, in the HSScanner's Preferences window start the HSScanner server by selecting a port number (different from the other servers!) and clicking on Start Server.
  3. Use any program to connect to the server via TCP/IP (such as G-client). Through that program, send mosigo c:\path_to_the_file\filename.bib;\n\r to the server. (Note the semicolon at the end of the command!) This will start the scan using the parameters that have been preset via the HSscanner GUI.


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