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L@MP - look at microprofiles


L@MP is a Matlab program for rapid processing and visualization of micro-profiles. It is an old predecessor of the mprplotter program, but it has some nice features that mprplotter does not have. For example, it allows to

  1. vertically align multiple profiles using an interactive GUI (Fig. A);
  2. plot many (up to 36) profiles in one window (6 graphs, each with 6 plots) to get a quick overview of the measured profiles (Fig. B);
  3. plot time-series of all profiles as a false-color image to get a real appreciation of the spatio-temporal dynamics of the profiles (Fig. C).
Fig. A Fig. B Fig. C

Basic requirements

You will need Matlab (version 6 or 7) to run this program.

There is also an old manual. Although it is pretty outdated, it describes the basic features and gets you started. Unzip the file and double-click on the index.html file to open it in your web-browser.

To run L@MP more efficiently, it is useful to have some basic knowledge of Matlab. However, if you just want to use the basic features, which are all offered through a GUI, you can do so even without such knowledge.

Working with L@MP

To run L@MP, start Matlab, change to the directory where L@MP is installed (e.g., by typing cd c:\Programs\lamp) and type lamp. This will open a GUI. Through the Action menu you will be able to control all functions.

Download L@MP

Download the Matlab source files from the Download center.

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