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 +====== News ======
 +This page announces interesting **new developments,​ applications and studies** that use the microsensor technology described on the microsen-wiki website.
 +11/11/2011: **Look@NanoSIMS** realeased to the public. Look@NanoSIMS is a Matlab-based **freeware** program for the analysis of nanoSIMS data. It is an alternative to other programs developed for that purpose, such as WinImage, Open_MIMS or L'​Image. Follow [[lans|this link]] to learn more.
 +{{ :​lans-intro-small.png?​ |}}
 +12/11/2009: A **new study** published, showing how the energy of the incident light is converted and conserved in a phytosynthetic microbial mat, a model representative of a light-driven ecosystem with large light gradients (see [[publications#​Needle-shaped micro-electrodes|Al-Najjar et al., ISMEJ (2010)]] for more details)
 +27/07/2009: **New versions** of [[mprplotter_howto|mprplotter]] (version 0.86), [[calfluxrate_howto|calfluxrate]] (version 0.6) and [[lamp_howto|L@MP]] (version 1.2.3) released. The updates include important bug-fixes and useful enhancements such as new GUI's. Now, the applications are much better integrated to provide a compact kit for microprofile data analysis (see [[micro-profiling|general scheme]]).
 +11/06/2009: A **new study** published, which combines experimental and modeling approaches to investigate the mechanisms of transient NO and N2O production in a complex biofilm with nitrifying and denitrifying activity (see [[publications#​Needle-shaped micro-electrodes|Schreiber et al., ISMEJ (2009)]] for more details; click [[NO_model|here to learn more]]).
 +{{ :​schreiber-etal-ismej-fig1.png?​300 |}}
 +08/06/2009: A **new study** published, showing how the activity of phototrophic biofilms drives the dynamics of diurnal metal (Cd) cycling in a freshwater stream (see [[publications#​Needle-shaped micro-electrodes|Beck et al., ES&T, 2009]] for more details)
 +10/04/2009: A **new program** developed for the communication between the diver operated microsensor system (DOMS) and a computer, allowing on-the-fly control and visualization of microsensor measurements under water, for example while diving. ([[doms2pc|learn more]]) {{ :​doms2pc_gui_icons.png }}
 +10/02/2009: A **new method** published that allows imaging of pigments in living cells and mixed microbial communities. ([[mosi_system|learn more]])
 +{{ :​sd1.png?​200 }}
 +28/01/2009: A **new method** published that allows imaging of concentrations of intracellular ions and pH in living cells. ([[csi|learn more]])
 +{{ :​beggiatoa-ph.png?​200 }}
 +10/10/2008: A **new microsensor** allows microprofiling of **carbonate ions** in freshwater and saline environments (see [[publications#​Needle-shaped micro-electrodes|de Beer et al. 2008]] for more details).
 +15/02/2008: A **new robust nitric oxide microsensor** allows high spatial resolution measurements in biofilms and sediments (see [[publications#​Needle-shaped micro-electrodes|Schreiber et al. 2008]] for more details).
 +01/09/2007: A **new diver operated microsensor system** allows high-precision microsensor measurements while diving. ([[doms|learn more]])
 +{{ :​sd2.png?​200 }}
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